In all Atlas showrooms from January 25th to February 15th, 2021, you can expect a 20% discount on all new purchases from the Atlas product range.

In the desire to leave the previous year behind, many are eager for change. Some will only change their hairstyle, while those, a little braver, will decide to change the complete environment. Most are attracted by the changes in the interior of their own homes, in the comfort of which we had the opportunity to enjoy more than ever before. Although the furniture is a keeper of memories, there are those that we gladly want to leave behind. So take the opportunity and at more affordable prices find the ideal piece of furniture that will refresh your living space and keep all those beautiful memories that are coming.

Note: The discount is valid for advance payment in full and does not include brands that we work with, such as mattresses and flooring of the Austrian brand Optimo and the Italian brand Stones.