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A beautiful collection of more than 50 fabrics in over 500 different colours, which are continuously renewed and updated, is available for each Atlas sofa, bed, and even chair. Every fabric design has been carefully selected and sourced from well-known European factories, where they are rigorously tested. Some belong to a special collection of flame retardant fabrics, but there is a number of those that are licensed as water repellent, easily cleanable and pet friendly.

How to care for fabric products?

General recommendations

Hoover regularly with the upholstery attachment on low power.

Clean up spills and stains as soon as possible because stains are harder to remove the longer they remain untended to (neglected, ignored)

Protect the fabric from direct sunlight and keep it away from heat sources, as this can lead to discoloration and cause the fibres to become brittle and weak, which can result in possible holes in the fabric.

Prevent Velcro and sharp objects such as rings, buckles, wedges, buttons and claws of pets from coming into contact with your furniture as they may cause the fabric to pull or tear.
Colour can be transferred from some clothes, such as denim and coloured woven fabrics, to the fabric of your upholstered furniture, so please keep that in mind.

Fabric pilling can sometimes occur as the result of normal daily use, and cannot be considered a defect. This is a characteristic of fabrics that contain natural materials in their composition, which does not affect durability. Pills can be removed with appliances provided for this purpose available in most large department stores.

Professional dry cleaning is recommended not more often than six months, only in shops certified for that service.

Stain removal

Always refer to the Fabric Maintenance Label for the material you have before cleaning and please adhere to it carefully. The labels are represented by symbols whose meaning is explained in the guide on our website.

To remove liquid stains, wipe the surface carefully by dabbing with a paper towel or white cotton cloth. Do not apply too much pressure as this may push the stain deeper, which will make it difficult to remove it later. Then remove the stain.

If the stain cannot be removed with water, use only mild, colourless soaps, which you can remove with a water-soaked cloth.

Remove the remaining water well with a dry cloth, and then using warm air from a hair dryer at a distance of at least 30 cm from the fabric. Direct warm air from the outer edges of the stain inwards.


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