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It all started back in 1994, when Živorad Jovović rented a small workshop in Užice and with only five employees decided to start realising his idea of making the highest quality leather furniture.

Only a few years later, the workshop was transferred to a larger facility, only to establish itself on 2 hectares of land and 6.500 m2 of state-of-the-art manufacturing space in Sevojno, where 125 employees work today. The expansion of the production capacity also led to the expansion of the range to a line of coffee tables, dining tables, chairs, sideboards, etc., and of its primary sphere of activity through the furnishing of spaces and buildings of different functions, for which it offers a complete service independently and in cooperation with long-term subcontractors .

 The small workshop has grown into an international company, with exports accounting for over 50% of the total turnover for years. Product placement is carried out through several of Atlas’ own retail outlets, as well as through a wide network of partner salons in the country and abroad.

The initial commitment to produce only quality furniture continues, with the belief that only this kind of an approach can conquer new markets and find a path to new customers. ...


Atlas je osnovan sa 5 radnika, kada je otvoren i prvi maloprodajni salona


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Otvoren prvi maloprodajnisalon u Beogradu


Prvi Zlatni ključ na Beogradskomsajmu nameštaja za trosed Bolero


Selidba na novu lokaciju uSevojnu, gde se i danas nalazi


Početak saradnje sa velikimfrancuskim trgovinskim lancem Bois &Chiffons


Proširenje proizvodnogportfolija sa proizvodima od masiva


Saradnja sa francuskim dizajnerom Pascal Daveluyi maloprodajnim lancem Mobilier de France


Ulazak u posao opremanja enterijera krozopremanje Olimpijskog centra u Sočiju


Proširenje proizvodnih kapaciteta na površinuod cca. 6.000 m2 radi uvođenja linije krevetai ulazak na tržište SAD


Dobijanje licence za proizvodnju modela italijanskog brenda IDP Italia

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