Atlas is pleased to invite designers to submit their work and make a profit. The idea is to promote the talent, diversity and character of designers from these areas. Show off your gorgeous talent and earn a percentage of sales if your model is selected.

With the desire to create something extraordinary together, Atlas opens a call for designers, giving them the opportunity to create new pieces of furniture.

We want to give the opportunity to all talents who are interested in progressing in industrial design, those who are already established or young people who are just finding their vocation. Designers will participate in the process of creating a product - from the idea, through development, then production and finally the commercialization of the designed model.

In addition to an attractive final product, we believe that we will create long-term, partner relationships, as well as help additional promotion and affirmation of designers.

Our team will select the most inspiring works to be exhibited in the Atlas showrooms after they are produced. Atlas will jointly develop the selected projects with the designer to final products and then present them to a wider audience in the country and region.

In addition to the installation of the selected pieces of furniture, the selected models will also have a percentage of the sales of the product for several years after placement.


Atlas believes that furniture has long not only had a utilitarian function, but that it is a reflection of style, sensibility and character.
We support designers to come up with new or rethink existing design ideas and explore new furniture functions by looking at the modularity of furniture pieces from the perspective of different clients, primarily those looking for home or cottage furniture, of different ages, professions, climates and genders.

The creation of sets, sofas, beds, tables, coffee tables, chests of drawers, armchairs, chairs, or everything in Atlas' product range comes into consideration. A slight emphasis is placed on the creation of upholstered furniture, primarily sets.

The work should represent the personal signature of the designer, an author's work and a piece that will be interesting to those for whom it is intended. If your design and Atlas' sensibility match, there will be a synergy that will result in mentoring and the complete creation of the selected model. We will also reveal to you a part of our knowledge on how to make a product of comfort and quality that characterizes Atlas.
Submitted projects should be in the form of a presentation that, in addition to the design itself, should also contain the story of the product, who it is intended for, where the inspiration comes from and what values it highlights, as well as the model's functionality and dimensions. We give preference to those who send a digitized product, but we also accept hand-drawn works.

After the end of the competition, the team will make a decision on the best works, and the criteria that will guide them are innovation, artistic impression, ergonomics, functionality, technical feasibility, rational production and transportation costs and relevance in relation to local/global environmental and social challenges.

Further steps

The call is open, so you can submit your work at any time. If you want your work to be part of the collection for 2025, the deadline is July 15, 2024. The selected models will become part of the assortment, and the costs of making all prototypes will be provided by Atlas.

Only selected designers will be contacted, within 30 days from the date of submission, but we will be free to contact you after the deadline if new opportunities arise.
You can send the works to

Note: Submissions received will be used by Atlas for selection purposes only. Atlas guarantees the protection of personal data as well as copyright in accordance with the law.