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Najfinija italijanska koža

Koža je prirodni materijal, a sofe izrađene u koži pružaju nežan dodir, eksluzivni komfor i konstantnu temperaturu zahvaljujući prirodnim odlikama kože. Najkvalitetnije kože nabavljamo isključivo od vodećih kožara iz Italije, koje su poznate po svojoj tradiciji. Kolekcije sadrže više od 12 vrsta koža u 70 različitih boja, koje se konstantno obnavljaju i menjaju.


• Vacuum regularly with an upholstery attachment using low suction.

• Clean spills and marks as soon as possible as stains are harder to remove the longer they are left unattended.

• Use King-Care® Fabric Cleaner when cleaning spills and marks because general household cleaners will damage fibres and discolour the fabric.

• Always refer to the Fabric Care Label on your furniture before attempting any cleaning.

• Protect fabrics from direct sunlight as this can result in fading and also cause the fibres to become brittle and weaken, resulting in holes in the fabric.

• Prevent velcro and sharp objects such as rings, buckles, studs and pet claws from coming into contact with your furniture as they may cause the fabric to pull or tear.

• Dye can transfer from some clothing such as denim and coloured cords onto your upholstery fabric.

• Remove pilling (or balling) with a fabric pill remover, available at most department stores.

• Prevent discolouration by: keeping your sofa away from open fires, gas stoves and similar; following all instructions regarding steam cleaning and spot cleaning; preventing your pets from sitting on or rubbing against the fabric; and keeping wet swimming costumes away from the sofa.

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